Re: Notepad++ add on - getting it to work?

Aine Kelly Costello

Okay, firstly I didn’t realise Notepad was separate to the ++ one sorry, so I’ve definitely downloaded and installed ++ now, which is version 7.7.1.


I’ve no idea what I’m doing wrong but there’s a ridiculous amount of lag whenever I try to type anything, or arrow around in Notepad++, to the point where it’s unusable. Because it’s so slow, I’m not sure if the add-on is working, but I don’t think so, none of the keyboard shortcuts I’m trying for markdown view or bookmarks are doing anything, and the markdown one inserts an h into the file instead of working. Ideas?


Thank you very much!






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On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 11:28 AM, Aine Kelly Costello wrote:

but I found the version which is 1903, build 18302.356

This is the Windows version, not Notepad++ version.   For those what want the Windows version running on their machines, you can either hit WinKey+R, enter winver in the box, and hit enter or simply hit the WinKey and immediately type winver, and hit enter.

If you want your actual Notepad++ version the easiest way is Alt,?,A

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