Re: NVDA Remote and 2019.3

Luke Davis

We don't. Many of us have done the same.
One of them has been active on this list in the past month, but has not responded to private emails on the subject. Perhaps they are still trying to decide how to proceed.

There is an on-going discussion on Github, about bringing remote functionality into NVDA itself, either as an add-on or as part of core, so maybe that will be a solution ultimately.

Otherwise, if the add-on devs still have nothing to say in a while, someone in the community may choose to take it over. There is a general understanding that if contact with maintainers fails after three months, the add-on may be taken over by the community in some way.

(Ref: item 8 of


On Sat, 14 Sep 2019, Artin Dekker wrote:

Does anyone know if the developers of NVDA Remote are planning to update the addon for NVDA 2019.3? I have emailed the developers, but they have not responded.

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