Re: Notepad++ add on - getting it to work?

Aine Kelly Costello

Thanks everyone! So the add-on is working now, and I have established that the lag is with NVDA freezing, and it seems to do that consistently when I move the cursor to the top of the document - with or without the add-on enabled. I have the NVDA site version of the add-on, though, 2918.08.0 so maybe I should try the Git Hub one, I'll give that a go,


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Kerryn, take a look at this page, and I believe your question will be well answered.

The latest version of the add-on can be downloaded here. It is technically a beta version, but it is better than the one available from nvda's normal repository.


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´╗┐by the way, what is the purpose of a notepad ++ add on?
dont no, just asking

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