Re: Reading characters phonetically?

hurrikennyandopo ...


Using the desktop lay out  you can do the following on the numeric key pad make sure it is turned off first.

If you want nvda to say the line  as you mentioned hit the number 8 3 times.

If it is just the word hit it 3 times make sure you are focused on it as been read out.

If it is just a letter hit the number 2 2 times if i remember right.

Are you aware also if you want the previous word use the number 4 on the numeric key pad then hit the number 5 3 times and if the next word press the number 6 then hit the number 5 3 times.

 It is the same for 1 previous character and 3 next and 7 previous line and 9 next depending what you want to do.

so 8 is current line 5 is word you are on and 2 is character you are on.

Hopefully it makes sense.

Gene nz

On 15/09/2019 1:34 PM, Matt Turner wrote:
Hi folks.

I'm moving across  some letters, is there a keystroke to have it read phonetically?

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