Re: Microsoft word: determine bullet shapes with NVDA

Quentin Christensen

You can select all the lists in a document to set them all to the same style.  Note that this will select BOTH numbered and bulleted lists:

1. Press control+alt+shift+s to open the Styles toolbar (note that it opens, but doesn't take focus.
2. In your document, move to any list item.
3. Press F6 to move to the Styles toolbar you opened (having moved to a list item means the focus jumps right to "list paragraph" in the styles toolbar).
4. Press the applications key to open the context menu.
5. Down arrow to "Select all 15 instances" (the number will vary)
6. Press SHIFT+F6 to move back to the document
7. Press alt+h, u to open the unnumbered list item.  Select the style of bullets you would like.

On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 3:40 AM Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...> wrote:

Thanks for the help, it works perfectly.  I'm not quite sure the bullet type I'm now using was the one in the old document I had written last year, because NVDA only says "bullet", and my Braille display shows something quite standard, but it doesn't really matter anyway.  The next document will be up-to-date!


On 9/13/2019 1:07 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Vincent,

In Word, where you want to start a bulleted list, if you press ALT+H for the home ribbon, then "u" for bulleted list (think of it either as the second letter in the word bullet, since B was taken for border - OR u for unordered list).  This opens a list where you can select the type of bullets to use from Recently used, Bullet library or document bullets.  Or you can go down to "define new bullets" and choose your own character, or image.

While on a list, if you press alt+h, u, it will open the same list, but with the focus on the bullet currently being used.



On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 8:16 PM Vincent Le Goff <vincent.legoff.srs@...> wrote:
Hi everyone,

I'm working with Microsoft Word a lot these days.  I like to have
consistent documents and try to create visually-attracting ones when I
can, with headers and footers and nice tables and so on. I'm following
the guide to Microsoft Word with NVDA, which is very useful.  However,
one thing I can't figure out how to do: when in a bulleted list, how do
you know what bullet is used?  I like to use the same kind for all my
ordered list.  As far as I know, when trying to avoid standard bullets
(I personally like the "filled square" one), Word relies on numbers
(like bullet 318) when you try to insert.  But does NVDA reports the
kind of bullet used? And if so, how?  This information doesn't seem to
be present in NVDA+F.  On the other hand, I think one cannot focus the
bullets to "see" what they are, though I might be mistaken about that.

As someone who doesn't and can't use the speech output, relying on just
auditory indications isn't going to work, though I can still use the
speech viewer if needed.

Thanks for your help,


Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

Quentin Christensen
Training and Support Manager

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