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Quentin Christensen

Hi Pankaj,

I must admit I haven't used Office 2007 in a little while, but while track changes works as expected with NVDA, when you press CONTROL+SHIFT+E to turn track changes on or off, it isn't announced.  This is a known issue:

As per my comment on that issue: 

In office 365, navigating to the "track changes" ribbon item advises whether it is "pressed" or not. Admittedly not efficient, but it works.

If "Track changes" has been enabled to be shown in the status bar, pressing NVDA+end to read the status bar will advise the state of track changes along with anything else on the status bar.

These can both be seen visually as well.

Overall, I agree with the original idea of reporting the status when CONTROL+SHIFT+E (or the local equivalent) is pressed. This does not introduce a new keystroke and at worst, for the user, it is two keypresses - if say it was already on and they turned it off in order to check.. Querying the status bar gives a lot of additional information that may not be needed, and opening the ribbon is complex.

Currently the other way to check is to type a character, then left arrow to check whether NVDA reports "inserted". This isn't foolproof, as if track changes was turned on this session, and the focus is in text which had been inserted, NVDA won't report "inserted" as that will not have changed from the surrounding text (and assuming "report editor revisions" is enabled in NVDA's document formatting).



On Sat, Sep 14, 2019 at 2:40 AM pankaj singh Kushwaha <pankaj.jnu11@...> wrote:
Dear friends, last two weeks I did not start JAWS for accessing my
laptop and associated services. But today, I was forced to start jaws
to access track changes feature provided by m.s. office. Through the
NVDA I tried to off and on the feature but the regular shortcott
command like control+ shift+E was not working. even, NVDA was not
announcing anything? so the experts are requested to through some
light upon. Is there seperate commands to access certain features?
Please let me know to become active nvda user.
thanks in advance and I'll wait for your productive comments

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