Re: the new nod32 9.0?


You know, I am sure they know about it I am sure most of the major ones do.
They are happy to let jaws in, surely all they need to do is let other libraries for readers in or use standard controls but its not just antivirus, while we are a lot better, a lot of makers don't code for access or even know till they are told.
Thing is with a lot of these, they are so protected by forms, capchas and the like some don't even have direct mail addresses that contacting is hard enough and the message may never reach its target anyway.
Its why I have just given up on it now.
I'd like it to change but hmmm.
Its a pitty you couldn't get an antivirus based on 1 or several good engines with an accessible low power low false positive rate interface and let it wrip similar to having an accessible windows shell of whatever you want and just load a kernal under it its just not going to happen.

On 20/07/2016 12:10 p.m., Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
I wonder, for these antivirus software much money is invested in accessibility.

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