excel and headers not working as intended

Sally Kiebdaj

Hello all,

I don't see anything describing my situation in recent conversations so am starting a new thread.

I'm going through the NVDA excel training and have found that when following the precise directions in the training, headers are not reading as it says they should.

I have a set of cells with data. I go to the start of the row that I want to use as column headers and press NVDA+shift+c.

NVDA announces A2 set as start of column headers. This is correct.

However that header is not read when I navigate through the table.

If I repeat the set column header hotkey, it says that the cell is already set as the column header. If I press it twice rapidly it says that the column header is removed.

Everything works as it should right up until I actually start navigating the table data and do not hear headers spoken.

I am using NVDA 19.2, MS excel 1908 most recent build.

Has anyone else seen this problem? Am I missing something in settings? I do have the table information checkbox for headers selected in the document settings of NVDA.

If the instructions in the excel tutorial are missing a step it would be good to correct that as well.

Thank you in advance for help troubleshooting this.


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