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Hi, I have setup the Weather Plus with my city and all the other options I wish to be read within the forecast. However when I press NVDA key with w nothing happens at all so what is the remedy please?


Thanks for any help, Steve


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Once you have set a location, the most frequently used commands are

NVDA+w to read todays forecast

NVDA+Shift+w to read forecast for up to the next 9 days


If you try pressing NVDA+w and you get an error saying the WOE Id is missing, you need to set a location, as follows:


1. Open the NVDA menu using NVDA+n

2. Press the letter p to open the preferences sub-menu

3. Press the letter s until you find “Weather Plus Settings sub-menu s”, and press enter

4. Press the letter m to open the “Set and manage your cities” dialog box.

5. in the edit box, type in your location and postcode in the form CityName, PostCode

6. Tab to and press "test" button.

7 if the location is valid you can hear a beep , tab to the details button and press it to read the location details.

8. you can set the location as  the Preset default or simply add to your list using the appropriate buttons

9. Tab through the other controls, checking options you want to include in the forecast for your location.

10. When done, tab to OK and press enter


If you want to learn more about the other features of Weather_Plus you must read the readme.html file you find on the

nvda menu, preferences submenu, weather plus settings, documentation.





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Subject: [nvda] THE WEATHER 7.1 ADDON


Hi, when I arrived home late last night, Saturday, I switched on my pc which uses Windows 10 64 bit and the latest version of NVDA and it asked me if I wanted to upgrade from 7.0 to 7.1. I have now the latest version on my pc, but how do I use this addon, ie what keys do I press to get results please?


Thanks for any help, Steve Thacker from the UK.


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