Re: Is there an accessible video editor I can use with NVDA?


This is a message I received on this subject elsewhere. Here you go.

I tried FreeMake Video Converter using NVDA.

1After installing,  Open freeMake Video Converter

2 from the file menu choose add video
3 from the edit menu, choose edit
4 After the video loads,
Press spacebar to play or pause
press Home to move to start
End to go to the end
press ctrl+L to mark the start
ctrl+R to mark the finish
ctrl+Delete to delete the selected part.
5 Next, tab pass the Rotate 90° CW button.
 Now there will be three unlabeled buttons.
Choose the second button and press enter.
6 Tab to get to the desired format, such as, mp4.
Press enter to choose it.
7 Now tab or shift+tab to the convert button and press enter.
A new screen appears with two options:
1 Convert without logo  button
2 Link
choose this link and press enter.
8 After the video is converted, there will be a OK button, press it.
9 There will be a close button, after pressing it, press alt+F4 to exit the program.
You will need to get someone to view your video to let us know if the Logo is on the entire video, or only at the beginning.

On 9/22/2019 4:58 PM, Joshua Tubbs wrote:
Hi all,

I have tried open source video editor Shotcut. Opening videos is
accessible and we can move through them, but I'm not sure how to join
videos and/or move segments.

Replay Media Splitter, a program that I thought would be accessible
due to their other products, is not accessible.

So, does anybody know of an accessible way to both remove segments
from video via selection, and also join videos together? Reaper video
rendering is very, very slow and is a deal breaker for me.


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