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Its all down to training of programmers and the lack of forced accessibility in programming environments. It should be impossible to write code that is inaccessible for screen displays by now.
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And you guys critisise me for using msse.
But yeah I agree with the poster, security cool but the most secure is usually not the most accessible and that says something about hte industry.
Its bad, it sucks, its accessible, its good, its secure its not how do they expect the disabled to use their software.
Answer so many buy they don't give a stuff anymore so we have to use substandard software.

On 20/07/2016 12:32 a.m., Supanut Leepaisomboon wrote:
I agree. Accessibility, even for an antivirus software which is critically needed for Windows users, is not being given a priority. Personally I don't use Nod32, so can't comment on my own experience of using it with NVDA.

As a solution, as mentioned in this thread use either version 8 of Nod32 or use another av (though finding one that's accessible, and at the same time rated highly on lab tests and received positive reviews is going to be a pain).

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