Re: Weather_Plus7.1 update available

Adriano Barbieri

Hi Chris,

No, it overwrites it.
The error in Betsy's log indicated lines not consistent with the reported error, which I remember already having solved some time ago in some previous version.
I don't know how it is possible, but surely, without knowing it, it is using an old version even if it says to read that it is 7.1.
This is why I advised you to uninstall it and clean% temp from every old add-on file.


Il 23/09/2019 10:47, Chris Mullins ha scritto:

Hi Adriano

Could the problem be anything to do with the weather.ini or weather.zipcodes because I note these files are in the Appdata\Roaming\NVDA folder, so are used by all versions?  If weather.ini from an old version did not get removed, would the creation of weather.ini from a new install create weather(1).ini?        




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Hi Betsy, I'm sorry, the link was distorted by the next text, here's the correct one:






Il 23/09/2019 00:10, Betsy Grenevitch ha scritto:

The link you took me too is not fully in English so I have no idea where the download link is located. There were no other instances of Weather Plus, however.

I deleted the add-on, though.


Betsy from Georgia


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