Re: ALVA 544 Satellite Traveller braille display with NVDA


Thanks for the response, Gene! I've gone ahead and ordered a female rs-232 to usb cable. Seems like it is going to take a while to get here, so I'll post again when we try it out.

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RE: RS-232 to USB 2.0 cable for a braille display.

Sorry about that, I just realised that I hadn't emailed you the link I promised from Ebay!

Anyhow, this guy sells both the female cable and the male cable. On the back of my braille note it is a male connection, so I bought the female RS-232 to USB 2.0 cable to go on there.

It also came with a driver mini CD which works on my Windows 10 operating system.

I just use it as a braille display, rather than a note taker.

Here is the link

I know that when I enquired here at PBTech (in New Zealand) they only had a male RS-232 to USB cable, but apparently I could have bought an adapter for $10 to change it to female.

I have just had another quick look on Ebay for you. It seems that they also sell the RS-232 gender changers if you wanted to adapt the cable you already have. Sometimes though it is just as easy to get the proper cable already done. I have been happy with the ones that I purchased. They are also nice and long.



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Gene from New Zealand, were you able to find that link?

the cable you mentioned that is serial to USb the 2 I brought come with a driver CD that also supports windows 10 that I am using now. It can be brought off ebay for under 10 bucks new zealand with free shipping. I can post a link later on today to one that I got
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