Re: NVDA and accessible kindle book

Mary Otten

Well, at least they ought to make it adjustable and give us voice choices. whatever they picked is not too great. My sighted husband has heard it and put thumbs down. He actually can understand other "human-sounding" voices at a somewhat faster speed than Kindle gives you.

On 9/23/2019 3:58 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Actually many of my sighted friends prefer speech that slow. They think ours sounds like a mess. Lol!

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On 23 Sep 2019, at 15:35, Mary Otten wrote:

Well, that's interesting, Diane. Don't see why you still couldn't just turn that speech off and use your own. The speech is pretty monotone and seriouslyu slow. No sighted guy I know would deal with that.


On 9/23/2019 2:31 PM, Diane wrote:

My name is Diane from Ohio.  I had trouble last year with this same thing. I called Amazon and the guy told that if the bhook has speech with, that it won't let the screen readers read.  I think you have to read it with a braille display or on a phone or other i'devices.  I think more and more books have speech with them now so people can hear them.

Hope this helps.  That's what the tech guy told me for sure.
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Subject: [nvda] NVDA and accessible kindle book

Hi folks,

This might not turn out to be an NVDA issue, but ...

I use the Kindle for PC with NVDA as well as my phone to read Kindle books. I just purchased one which, when I open it, a voice automatically starts reading at a speed that I did not set. It is apparently the tts that goes into action when the Kindle app starts reading something, kind of like what happens when you tell Acrobat reader to read out loud.

In the case of this book, NVDA sees no text at all. All the menus work. But when I do an insert down to start a read all from the selected chapter in the table of contents, nothing is read by NVDA. On my phone using the Voice Over screen reader, this book reads just fine, thank you very much.

I am aware that there are a few books that you can't read with a screen reader, period. But this doesn't seem to be one of those, since it is working fine on my phone. Is there some setting I'm missing that would allow me to use NVDA and my preferred voice and speed over the speech that comes from the Kindle program itself?


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