German Braille Input

Sascha Cowley

Hello all,

I took ownership of my Braille display - a Braille Edge 40 - yesterday, and thus far, I've been able to work out how to do most things I want/need to do with it.

However, I'm having trouble inputting German Braille. When, for example, I try to insert "รค", i get "`" instead. Braille output, however, is fine. I've had a look at the Braille Table files, and it would appear that dots345 is assigned to at least two things, and I'm assuming this is where the problem is: NVDA (or rather Liblouis) doesn't know which one I want to enter.

Does anyone know where I'm going wrong, or if there is some sort of fix for this problem? Please keep in mind that I only started learning German at the start of the year, and am completely new to German Braille.

Thanks in advance,

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