Re: Can't open settings dialogues in NVDA 2019.2.

Quentin Christensen

I haven't had any other reports of it, so I expect the issue must not be too widespread.  SO, what I would try firstly is restart NVDA with add-ons disabled, and see if that makes a difference.  If it does, check whether there are updates for any of your add-ons, and also try disabling all your add-ons and enabling them one at a time to see which is the culprit.  Failing all that, send me a copy of your NVDA log as while it might not give you any audible errors, there's hopefully something in the log.

Ok, so first, to restart NVDA with add-ons disabled:  Press NVDA+Q, down arrow to restart with add-ons disabled and press enter.  If you can't get into the NVDA+q dialog - either because you disabled it in settings previously, or because it's one of the dialogs not working, press WINDOWS+R to bring up a run dialog, type the following and press enter:

nvda --disable-addons

To get a copy of your log, look in your %temp% folder.  To get to that, press WINDOWS+R type %temp% and press enter, and look for the nvda.log and nvda_old.log files, and send both to info@...

It might also be worth starting NVDA with log level debug to capture as much as possible before grabbing those logs.  To do that, press WINDOWS+R and type:

nvda --debug-logging

Note you can combine that with disabling addons by using both flags:

nvda --disable-addons --debug-logging  

Kind regards


On Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 5:36 PM Darrell Shandrow Hilliker <darrell.shandrow@...> wrote:

Hello Everyone,


Does no one else ever experience this issue?


It seems strange completely removing and re-installing NVDA does not correct the issue.


It turns out no NVDA-generated dialogue boxes show up.


Press Caps Lock + N, go into Preferences, and select any menu item that leads to a dialogue box. Nothing at all. No error messages. Nothing.


Are there some shared NVDA components installed somewhere else I should remove before trying again?







From: <> On Behalf Of Darrell Shandrow Hilliker via Groups.Io
Sent: Thursday, September 19, 2019 7:36 AM
Subject: [nvda] Can't open settings dialogues in NVDA 2019.2.


Hello Everyone,


I seem to be unable to open important settings dialogues, such as General or Speech, in NVDA 2019.2.


I am running Windows 10 Home (latest 1903 update).


I have already removed and re-installed NVDA from the ground up without success.


Any other ideas?






Quentin Christensen
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