Re: possible fix for the problem with nvda and thunderbird

Sarah k Alawami

In my case that did not help. I can be typng a message and nvda will just lag to the point where it takes 30 seconds or so to do anythnig but as soon as I close tBird the problem goes away.

Take care

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On 24 Sep 2019, at 4:27, Kevin Cussick via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi, I have posted this before sorry for anyone who already has seen this but it might just help. using speedy fox might help as well. I have around 10 machines that I maintain and just do not see this on any of them. and they all tb on them. anyway some instructions below this is not my own work so I can't take any credit if it does help. good luck.

General sluggishness with Thunderbird. I have a feeling, though,
that this is a Thunderbird issue and nothing to do with NVDA.
Try disabling Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Enable Global Search and
Indexer. Note that this isn't accessibility or screen reader specific,
but I personally found that global search didn't help me and was a
performance killer.

On 24/09/2019 03:36, zahra wrote:

do thunderbird 52 or 60 work properly?
which version do you use that you mention its terrible?

On 9/24/19, brian bsackrider55@... wrote:

Today my thunder bird was worse than ever.  Every time I read a message
and I went to the next message my nvda would stop talking.  I had to
restart nvda and then thunder bird said it's not responding.  I
maxumised thunder bird and that seems to have solved the problem for
now.  When I had the problem it was on normal window.

Brian Saackrider

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