Functioning Suddenly Limited in Skype

Rich DeSteno

Over the last couple of weeks, I have experienced some significant limitations using NVDA in Skype.  I am using the current version of both programs.  When I go into Skype, the NVDA "find" command of insert-control-f no longer works at all.  Thus, I cannot quickly find a contact in my list with the "find" command as I did previously.  Also, certain Skype shortcut keys no longer work.  For example, I cannot use control-shift-p to make a phone call to a contact once I highlight the name.  To accomplish these tasks, I now must arrow up and down in my contact list to locate a contact, and then I must press Enter on the contact and tab over to "make an audio call" in order to call the contact.  I have tried maximizing the screen, reloading NVDA when I get into Skype, and a few other things, but nothing solves the problem.  Any ideas on what is going on here?

Rich De Steno

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