Need help getting NVDA to work with Android Studio Application

inam naqvi <inam46@...>

I am computer science student and I took Mobile programming course. There is Android Studio Application. NVDA screen reading is not reading android studio. I have Downloaded NVDA latest version and JAVA too.

if your screen reader is 64-bit:

  • Ensure that C:\Windows\System32\WindowsAccessBridge-64.DLL is present and has a version number
  • To activate support for screen readers in Android Studio, click File > Settings > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings, check the Support screen readers checkbox, and then restart Android Studio. This setting ensures that the Android Studio experience is optimized for screen reader users, for example by customizing keyboard navigation. If you are using Jaws, remember that you must start Jaws before you start Android Studio in order for this setting to take effect. 
I ahve tried above but still not success. Please help me 
Best Regards
Inam Naqvi

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