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If you are interested this tutorial will point you in the right directions.

It is a rough draft so there may be spelling mistakes etc etc You will need the latest alfa which has it in but will come out in the next stable release of nvda.

when it is tidied up it will then go onto my website at

Rough draft below.

* screen curtain add on now in NVDA 2019.3

From NVDA 2019.3 the screen curtain add on is now intergrated into  NVDA 2019.3
If you want to use this feature so it blacks out your screen so no one can see what you are doing you can asign a gesture to enable it or disable it in NVDA. When NVDA 2019.3 is running press the NVDA key + letter N, when the preferences menu comes up locate the settings menu then the input gestures menu then press the enter key. When the next screen comes up arrow down to the vision branch then arrow right until you hear NvDA say Toggles the state of the screen curtain, either by making the screen black or SHOWING the contents of the screen. If pressed to enable once, the screen curtain is enabled until you restart NVDA. If pressed tree times, it is enabled until you disable it.
Next tab to the add button then press the enter key you will then be given some options. It will then ask you to enter a gesture. for example ALT key + S. A context menu will come up asking you either to add it to the desk top lay out or all layouts. Press the enter key on the option you want then tab to the ok button then press the enter key. Your gesture has now been asigned. When you go to enble it with your short cut key it will say tempory screen curtain enabled to your next restart.  If you do it again it will tell you the screen curtain has been disabled.

Gene nz

On 24/09/2019 8:49 PM, mattias wrote:

Seems litle useless

It can be installed but not used

Because no choice to use it

Tested with latest 2019.3 snapshot


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