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Chris Chaffin

I also use the Sapi 5 version and it works great.


On Sep 26, 2019, at 2:15 PM, Rui Fontes <rui.fontes@...> wrote:


Besides the NVDA add-on for Eloquence, Code Factory also have a SAPI5 version...

Both are legal ways of using Eloquence with our prefered screen reader, NVDA!

Rui Fontes

Às 18:20 de 26/09/2019, Nimer Jaber escreveu:
Hello NVDA List:
I wish I would have caught the thread which started yesterday earlier, but unfortunately, I've been sick. I want to provide a bit of guidance as to what is and is not allowed in respect of discussing Eloquence and add-ons in general.
Eloquence was a banned topic on the NVDA list for a long time because there was no legal way to use it. Some add-ons were and continue to be floating around, but these add-ons are mostly illegal. Codefactory released an add-on for Eloquence. Once this version of Eloquence became available, the idea of banning eloquence as a discussion topic relaxed a bit. So, moving forward, Eloquence is not to be discussed unless the Eloquence which is being discussed is the one by codefactory. If anyone knows of a legal way to use Eloquence apart from this add-on, which is not free and is available for purchase, please write to <> and let us know. Any discussion of any free method for using Eloquence, or any free eloquence add-on, or any method of circumventing paying for the legitimate add-on is prohibited and will be enforced stringently and without warnings. Let this message be your warning. Any topic about eloquence free add-ons will not be permitted on list by new users. Any user who has been around this list posting about free methods for using Eloquence will be placed on no-post status for a week, and subsequently perminently or unless the list owners choose to lift the ban. Any topic having to do with free eloquence will be immediately closed. Any person responding to a thread about free eloquence, particularly if those messages contain links to free eloquence will face the same consequence as the individual who initiates discussion of this illegal add-on.
Second, users wishing to download add-ons are highly encouraged to visit the NVDA add-on site. NVDA really should have a way of signing add-ons that are legitimate, and informing users of ones which are not, but not sure this is even possible. In any case, this list will deal with add-ons which are posted on the NVDA add-ons page, and users are encouraged highly to not download add-ons from 3rd-party sites. There are a number of sites which host illegal versions of add-ons, and these are prohibited from being discussed on list. This thread is not just about Eloquence, it is about any add-on which is illegal, or offers a free way to use a paid version of an add-on, such as a voice synth.
If you have questions, please write to the NVDA owner address, and I will do my best to clarify. If you disagree, please do write to the NVDA owner address.
Nimer Jaber
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correspondence. Action taken as a result of this email or its contents
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criminal charges. I have checked this email and all corresponding
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up to you. Thanks.
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