Re: StationPlaylist add-on 19.10/18.09.12-LTS, second to last 18.09.x release #addonrelease

Shaun Oliver

hi mate, have you managed to resolve the $indi threadsock error those of us that are rewquired to connect to shoutcast2 servers face?

if not, may I suggest that you approach Brian Hartgen, even though he has written jaws scripts, he may be able to give you thoughts on what angle to approach this from.

I've found this to be a continual issue, and it's only because a fellow yet former broadcaster brought this to my attention that I raise it now.

I am certain, that I am not the only one to face this issue, and would like to see a resolution to it if not in the immediate future, then at least alightly further down the track when you have some of the newer features ironed out.

On 28/09/2019 03:16, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi all,


StationPlaylist add-on 19.10 and 18.09.12-LTS will be made available tonight (my time). Tonight’s updates bring initial support for AltaCast encoder Winamp plugin (must be recognized by Studio and Streamer), as well as startup message additions and changes for SPL Creator and Studio, respectively (that is, when Creator starts, you’ll hear version info similar to studio). In addition, 19.10 (stable) will now let you assign a custom command for announcing encoders that are being monitored by NVDA for connection changes (SPL Controller layer, E); this is a first step in bringing much improved encoder connection status command to debut in November and currently undergoing testing by testers (development snapshots).


IMPORTANT: for people using Studio 5.1x and add-on 18.09.x: 18.09.12-LTS will be the second to last release in the current long-term support series. The last release is scheduled for some time in November. Support for 18.09.x will end on December 31, 2019 unless otherwise specified. Also, 18.09.x is compatible with upcoming NVDA 2019.3.




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