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jordy deweer <webmaster_deweer@...>

I get a warning, but the problem is solved.

When I start Windows Powershel for 32bit, then I have something like this:

Cannot load PSReadline module. Console is running without PSReadline.


What does that mean and is it a big problem?


Thanks for the answers.


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Verzonden: woensdag 20 juli 2016 21:13
Onderwerp: Re: [nvda] Using Windows PowerShell


Try to run the 32 bit version. (Windows PowerShell (x86)).

17.07.2016 12:43, Webmaster Deweer пишет:

Hello everybody,

I need to use the Windows PowerShell but it seems like NVDA doesn’t support the fully WinPS window.

When I type letters, NVDA doesn’t say them, where it says typed letters in all other applications!

Hopeful you understand what I mean, my grammar wasn’t correctly used, I know!

But can anybody help me with this issue / problem?

Thanks in advance!

Regards, Jordy D


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