Re: Playing tracks on Bandcamp.

JM Casey

Hey John.

I remember this topic coming up a while back. I use Bandcamp quite a bit. Unfortunately I also still use JAWS most of the time and I have not had any issues playing tracks in bandcamp using that reader. I thought back when this came up before I was able to do it with NVDA too, but maybe they have changed something. I will certainly takea look and see what happens.

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Subject: [nvda] Playing tracks on Bandcamp.

Hey all. Anybody know how to play tracks on Bandcamp? For example:

I used to highlight a button above a track name, hit numpad-0 and numpad slash together, and then hit numpad slash, and it would play. I've tried that, using numpad plus slash and then numpad plus enter. I've tried getting to a button and hitting NVDA-space and hitting space and enter.
Nothing seems to be working. Is this just broken now, or am I missing something?

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