Re: Jaws is now doing better with thunderbird than nvda

Robert Logue

I too, have had lags with NVDA and Thunderbird 60.9.0

I followed the suggestions others posted here and performance is much better.

I have not tried Jaws when things lag.

Can't compare to Narrator as Narrator in Win1809 doesn't work properly with Thunderbird.

I still have some delay and sluggishness when Thunderbird starts as it retrieves and filters mail. But, responsiveness improves after a few minutes.


On 2019-09-28 5:08 p.m., Shaun Everiss wrote:

Well it depends what you are doing.

I do have my performance settings quite high, but yeah the system is lagging a lot between tasks, but I am on battery and working the system quite hard now.

Its holding charge quite well but since I don't go out as much I need to use my battery when doing work which is not audio related as I knew it chews battery a lot faster.

On 29/09/2019 11:34 am, Robert Kingett wrote:

I never understood why people are getting this lag? I don't get it. If you delete your trash regularly, change the settings so that absolutely nothing is saved on the machine, and delete emails rather than keeping junk mail, there is no lag what so ever with NVDA. I don't get it, and I don't understand why so many are having this issue.

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