Re: Accessing Chrome History


unfortunately chrome has not an easy way to set that it clears history
after closing the browser.

On 9/29/19, hurrikennyandopo ... <> wrote:
How have you got it set under browsing history in chrome.

I just checked on mine mine is set to clear every time I close the browser I
think it is called all time but it looks as though the history can stay
there for up to 4 week depending how you have it set.

You will have to have a look under the settings then I think it was privacy
part for it or search for it and it will come up.

Gene nz

On 29/09/2019 11:41 PM, Dean Martineau wrote:
Hello. I find I cannot see all my Chrome history using NVDA, and can barely
do so using JAWS. Chrome keeps history for three months, but I can’t seem to
scroll past the last couple days. If a search of history yields lots of
results, I can’t see all of them. Is there a way to do this that I’m


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