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I have heard many people complaining of accessibility issues with Office 2016.  I have the same NVDA version and Operating system as you and can read tables in Office 2007 Word documents perfectly using the keystrokes you mentioned.  Could you perhaps save the Word document as a pdf file and read it using acrobat?





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Sanity check, are you in browse mode? "ALT-space




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Hi all,


I am attempting to read an annual audit report in MS Word 2016 using NVDA 2016.2 and windows 10. I can read the document from top to bottom with “say all”. However, although I can jump to a table of financial figures in browse mode using the letter “t”, I cannot move through the table in the usual way with control+alt+arrows. How can I find out what is wrong with the word document that is preventing me from reading the table?


As this is a confidential draft document, I cannot share it with you until it is published. Meanwhile, I have to read it before next Wednesday!


Incidentally, I copied the entire contetnts of the Word file to the clipboard and pasted it into a fresh Excel 2016 file. The tables were set out perfectly and I could arrow from cell to cell in the usual Excel way.


Question is: If the tables are so correct that NVDA says “table 3rows and 4 columns” or some such, I would assume that the table is correctly constructed. How, then, is it that NVDA cannot read the cells  with control+alt+arrows? I can read through the row using control+right or left arrow but this is only moving from word to word. The column number is then reported and the right edge of the cell is reported as “Carriage return” There is no indication of a tab character.


Any ideas?



All the best,




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