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On Mon, Sep 30, 2019 at 01:05 PM, Nimer Jaber wrote:
This topic is really best for the chat list. Why? Because it is not speaking as to NVDA features, rather about how to use an app. I think it is appropriate to ask whether an app is accessible, but once we determine whether or not it is, any questions about the app in question and not about NVDA features tend to drift to off-topic categories. Also, I would urge anyone with a question about whether or not an app is accessible to try it.
I am repeating the above because it bears repeating and I was the moderator who approved the initial topic.   Asking whether something is accessible or not using NVDA is appropriate, though I absolutely agree that the best way to determine this is to install and play with it.  That's precisely what I do in almost all cases and it gives a quick and reasonably accurate picture as to whether something is entirely inaccessible, partially accessible, or entirely accessible.

As soon as the discussion turns to using an application itself, but not NVDA, it belongs on the Chat Subgroup.  I have been very pleased that there have been increasing numbers of members joining the Chat Subgroup and using it, mostly for technical questions regarding various programs and how to use them and their settings.  There has been the occasional social or other topic, but those are few and far between.

I realize that there are lots of questions that one may wish to ask of the other folks who are part of the NVDA Group that are not directly NVDA related, and that's the entire purpose of the Chat Subgroup.   It allows the focus to remain on NVDA itself in the main group and allows only those who wish to deal with non-NVDA-specific topics to do so.

Please consider joining the Chat Subgroup if you are already an NVDA group member and wish to be able to address all sorts of topics that are not directly connected to NVDA itself with other members of this community.  The pertinent e-mail addresses are:


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