Re: Modifier Key Locking



Usually if there is a keyboard issue, its the hardware.

I mean it could be windows, and yeah if it is, there could be driver, bios issues, reinstall windows issues, but its usually the hardware.

If its a usb board, wires can break, the board could be dirty or keys may not work right or something.

Not sure how to clean a board, my board has the ability but I have never really tried to do that yet.

If its a standard usb board, they don't cost that much, replace it and chuck the other one away.

Do any other keys stick.

If it is a wireless board and this could be more commenplace, then your batteries are flat.

A lot of people I have have the boards and if they go flat even a sightling may not notice till they are pancaked.

Keeping a supply of batteries is a good idea or a wired board in case.

Most boards use generic drivers, but some things like logitech may have drivers, the ms ones usually use the ms keyboard centre and thats not had a update in ages and ms stuff generally knows where to go.

So does logitech.

On 1/10/2019 7:02 am, David Andrews wrote:
I have a colleague who has asked me to post to this list for her.

She is using the Caps Lock key as the NVDA modifier, and it gets stuck, that is always pressed.  Repeatedly hitting it, and exiting NVDA and re-running it doesn't clear it up.  She is using Windows 7.


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