NVDA and office 2016

Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Hi Lanie et al,


Lanie recently reported that there were no problems in accessing Office 2016 by NVDA 2016.2.


Today I hit quite a few problems that I have not experienced with Office 2010.  I have just installed Office 2016 and I have still to understand fully how to use it. However, I have a number of documents that I must read for a board meeting next Wednesday. Some of these are in word form having been created in Word 2010. I could read them fine in Word 2016 until I came to a set of tables that are made up of four columns and 13 rows. The NVDA reading commands did not work at all in the tables. I then saved them to a text file with a view to seeing if the tables are tab delimited but I cannot see that in Notepad. So, will have to use Notepad++ to check that out. I then highlighted the entire word document and copied it to the clipboard for pasting into a new Excel worksheet. This time the text was all confined to column A but the tables were set out perfectly. Excel allows one to move from cell to cell using the arrow keys.


Finally, I asked the author of the original word 2010 document save the file as a .pdf file. This was the most readable form. The NVDA table reading commands worked fine for moving from cell to cell. The only problem there was that the column headings command was not available. I could not then set NVDA to call out the column or row headings as   I traversed the tables in the .pdf file.


Another major complication occurred with the fact that all the files were in protected view due to their having arrived as attachments. I made the mistake of opening one of the Word files without turning off the protected mode setting in the properties of the file. This caused Word to go berserk! NVDA froze, Windows froze and I had to force a reboot! Then the PC took ages to come back up and even longer to let me through the initial logon screen.


I have much to learn!


All the best,




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