Re: Modifier Key Locking


You're description raises the question of whether NVDA has anything to do with the problem.  Your description implies that it is a problem with the keyboard itself.  When you close NVDA, then run it again that doesn't unstick it and when you repeatedly press the key, that doesn't either. 
I have very seldom had keys stick when using NVDA.  When I did with JAWS years ago, the solutions you posed unstuck the key.  So at this point, we need to determine if NVDA is involved at all.  If the person has another screen-reader such as JAWS, what happens when you use it?  If Narrator is the only option, what happens when you run it and repeatedly use the caps lock key?
Also, is this an internal or external keyboard?  Is there another keyboard to test with?

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Subject: [nvda] Modifier Key Locking

I have a colleague who has asked me to post to this list for her.

She is using the Caps Lock key as the NVDA modifier, and it gets
stuck, that is always pressed.  Repeatedly hitting it, and exiting
NVDA and re-running it doesn't clear it up.  She is using Windows 7.


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