Re: Edge beta NVDA bug reporting.

hurrikennyandopo ...


I usually do it under the help and feed back section in the browser there is a menu like send feed back and you put it in there the last time i did it was very accessible.

Gene nz

On 1/10/2019 2:53 PM, Robert Kingett wrote:

Can anyone give me a link where I can report NVDA focus issues to the Edge Beta development team? I am absolutely loving the new Edge, gonna switch to it as my primary browser when it comes out of beta, but when I am moving backwards in a page, there is a noticeable NVDA lag, and the focus almost resists moving backward on a page. It certainly is not as fluid as moving forward. Anyway, where, in the Edge feedback forums, do I report accessibility issues like this?

Gotta say though, you guys will love this browser when all the bugs are worked out of it. The menus are far easier to navigate through than Chrome, also.

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