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Cearbhall O'Meadhra

Further to my earlier message, I have tried this in both browse mode and Focus mode in NVDA with no luck.


It seems that the table in question was generated from a standard template issued by a government department and inserted into the current document. The document author then had to fill in the relevant variable data into the template. To do so, he had to make a left mouse click on the cell in order to open  it in edit mode. This author is sighted by the way. I think it relevant to mention his access method and source of the table since it turned out to be somewhat inaccessible.


I have found NVDA well able to read other tables in Word 2016 files as I studied more documents later today.


The Word problem seems to have been a particular issue relating to a custom made template that did not appear to conform to default Word methods of construction.


I am still puzzled by Excel 2016! When I highlight an excel workbook in my documents and press enter on it, I expect it to open in excel and display its contents. However, in Excel 2016, when I press enter on the file after unblocking it, Excel opens and NVDA can see nothing. A “Say all” command revealed a page of choices of different worksheet types that could be launched but no sign of my worksheet. There was one option which invited me to open  without specifying a particular type of worksheet. I press that but still nothing appeared. On going to the File ribbon, I discovered the name of my would-be worksheet listed in the “Recents” list. When I pressed that item in the Recents list, the worksheet opened! I was then able to read it. I cannot see any way to open the worksheet from a file list as I used to with excel 2010. Has anyone any advice on this?


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