Re: Question About Copying Text

Luke Davis

On Fri, 27 Sep 2019, Chris Mullins wrote:

Surely these are Windows functions and nothing to do with any screen reader.  Copy the text to the clipboard then try using the “Paste Special” options in
MS Word.  I believe it’s on the Home sub-menu.
They are surely not, at least not in the context of web browsers.

In a web browser, the text you read with NVDA, is a special reproduction of what was actually on the page. It is called a virtual buffer.
The only time you are interacting with the webpage itself, is when you are in forms mode (focus mode). In order to copy in the way that is desired, you would need to be able to copy in focus mode. Of course, in focus mode, you can't actually hear or read what is being selected.

However, with NVDA+space, you can enter focus mode, use shift+arrow keys to highlight some text blindly, and use Control+C to copy it. Then press NVDA+space again.

At that point, you should be able to paste normally, and get formatting. However, odds are that you won't get the exact same stuff that you were reading before. Things that may have been presented on several lines, for example, may be presented as single selectable elements.

You will have to play with it, and will definitely have to carefully review anything you copy and paste in this way.


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