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On Tue, Oct 1, 2019 at 06:08 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
On Fri, 27 Sep 2019, Chris Mullins wrote:

Surely these are Windows functions and nothing to do with any screen reader.  Copy the text to the clipboard then try using the “Paste Special” options in
MS Word.  I believe it’s on the Home sub-menu.
They are surely not, at least not in the context of web browsers.
I was of the same mind as Mr. Mullins until this topic came up and I was disabused of the notion that copy, in particular, is being "hijacked" by the screen reader since what it's copying from is the virtual cursor (virtual buffer), not the webpage itself.

There are tricks one can use though, with the screen reader on and using the standard web browser find, not the screen reader find, to get yourself to the first word or phrase from which you wish to begin selecting, turning off the screen reader, and using keyboard commands to select and copy the text before turning the screen reader on again.   See:  Selecting Text Using Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts do not work in a web browser while the screen reader is active, but they sure do when it's not.  I just experimented on an article from the New York Times using NVDA.  If I did a browser find for the text I wanted as the start of my selection block, turned off the screen reader, and used the appropriate keyboard command to select it and what is beyond it (in my case I used SHIFT+Down Arrow to get a line at a time, intentionally overshooting, then turning the screen reader on again and pasting into MS-Word the formatting of all the click-through links is maintained.  There is some danger in picking up sidebar content you may not want using this method if you're selecting a large chunk of text, so you need to check that you don't have anything extraneous.

But it is a way to get a chunk of text out of a web page with formatting preserved for pasting elsewhere that can keep that formatting, like a word processor.

I also found that the CTRL+A command works to select all from the webpage even when NVDA is on, and if you're good at hacking out all that precedes and follows a passage or passages you wish to retain in a word processor, you can paste the whole article (images and all, including sidebar content) into MS-Word and deal with it there.  Even the HTML structure is pasted into Word and shows up in the navigation pane, if you're using same, so the various headings, etc., are there.

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