Re: Zoom with nvda is the site you should start with.

On 10/1/2019 4:53 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:


I went to there you tube channel from off the website of theres and I could only find it for the zoom magnifier not the zoom conferencing software. Maybe I missed it.

I think I will also sign up later on today or tomorrow for a free account then do it from the side of it been hosted the basics and lay out etc when I got it worked out.

Also will check out training material from the zoom website etc which I have been doing.

I will do it more on the audio side not all the other stuff I think I will point to videos for that.

Would I have any takers who would like to read the tutorial after it has been typed up especially those who have done it from both sides? to make sure it is right before posting to the website of mine for others to use or follow.

If so I can contact you off list for that or the other way around.

Gene nz

Gene nz

On 2/10/2019 7:02 AM, Samuel Villa wrote:


This may be off topic, but on the Freedom Scientific YouTube channel, there is an instructional video on how to use Zoom with JAWS.

Let me know if this was helpful.

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