Re: Latest versions of Chrome and Firefox for NVDA 2019


my favorite version of nvda is 2017
and i havve no issue when using any version of browsers from older
versions to newer ones that work with xp.
not sure about newer versions of nvda and browsers, but i believe that
nvda should be very responsive in browsers regardless of there

On 10/2/19, Dennis Clark <> wrote:
Hello Everyone,
In recent days I have installed NVDA. and have read the very excellent
user manual. I am coming from Jaws, and with that screen reader, the
most recent versions of Chrome and Firefox do not work at all, or do not
work well. For this reason, I'm curious which are the latest releases of
Chrome and Firefox are regarded as working well with NVDA 2019. Also,
are there other browsers that NVDA users are having success with? Thanks
in advance for your assistance.

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