Re: Question About Copying Text

Luke Davis

On Tue, 1 Oct 2019, Lanie Molinar wrote:

I just tested it out, and it doesn't work. After I select the text using NVDA, i use NVDA+F2 to pass the next key through and then try to copy the text.
Nothing gets copied though. I'm guessing this is because NVDA overrides the selection process, so when I try to copy, the computer acts like nothing is
True. I was suggesting using the bypass command with the selection commands as well. You selected the text using NVDA, which is known not to work.

I was mainly asking to find out if it worked, as someone had suggested it on github recently.

The answer is: it does. Specifically:

Move to where you want to start copying from, approximately. Brian's search method might work best for this.
Next, press NVDA+F2.
Then, use shift+arrow keys to select text. Note, that as long as you keep shift pressed, you don't have to press the bypass key again.
Last, when you're done selecting, press NVDA+F2, then Control+C to copy.

Lots of key pressing, but it's an option.


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