Changing NVDA's startup hotkey if no desktop icon

Devin Prater

Hi all. I am writing a guide for using Google Docs, in Google Classroom, for my employer. I’m to the point of changing NVDA’s startup command to not conflict with Google Docs’ Navigate Next command. The only problem is that, to keep things clean, the computers managed by the AT Department only have the recycle bin on the desktop.
I’ve tried going to the start menu, type NVDA, press Context key, go to location. In that folder are the start menu icons. I press Alt + Enter on the NVDA one, Tab to hotkey field, and there is nothing in there. I press Control + Alt + Backslash, as Google recommends, and that’s set. I press OK, allow admin privileges, and the command works. The only problem is, Control + Alt + N works too. So, is there something I’m not doing right, or is this a bug?

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