Re: Problems with NVDA and Adobe Digital Editions on Windows 10

Kevin Cussick

Hi, there is a new kid on the block, it is called bookworm, sorry do not have a web site for it at the moment but stand buy and I will see if I can get something. OK below is the website.

On 02/10/2019 16:25, George Kerscher wrote:
At, we test many, many EPUB reading Apps, including Adobe Digital Editions. We have noted the instability of that software on Windows. We have reported it to Adobe, but have not seen any fixes. I suggest finding other software to read EPUB files.
The reviews of the Apps are at:
Also always happy to have more volunteers for testing at
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Subject: [nvda] Problems with NVDA and Adobe Digital Editions on Windows 10
Hi everyone.
I read e-books on Windows 10 with NVDA. Adobe Digital Editions work good Windows 7 and newest NVDA version, but on Windows 10 reading ends after short time and I need to restart programs again and try to find right page. NVDA stop speech totally. Windows 7 thereƤs nothing like this and I use other computer with it when I want to read e-books.
Does none know some kind of NVDA or Adobe Digital Editions settings that I need to change to get read better?
I'm new member this list.
Sorry for my bad English.
Best Regards

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