Re: Question About Copying Text


On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 12:43 PM, kelby carlson wrote:
I have tried this.
The "this" referred to by Bianka has to be either using CTRL+A to select all then pasting into Wordpad (in her specific case) or turning off NVDA prior to using the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts for selecting text then turning it back on.

It is insanely complicated to keep using the NVDA pass through key and selecting bits of text from a web page.  If you want to preserve formatting it's far, far easier to do a select all, which works even when NVDA is active, then paste the resulting selection into the editing software of your choice that preserves the formatting and actually hacking out what you need to hack out there.   It also allows you to back out any "ooops-es" you might have made when manipulating said text far more easily, too.

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