Re: Someone knows a program that integrates Facebook accessible?

Nimer Jaber


While I don't think I really understand your question, Facebook is accessible with NVDA. The best way to use Facebook is to navigate to the site and use it in focus mode, with the keyboard shortcuts that Facebook provides. I do not use Facebook and have not in a few years, but I believe that pressing ? (question mark) should present a list of keyboard shortcuts. If it does not, then google Facebook keyboard shortcuts.

Blind people have typically stuck to using the mobile site of everything. I don't know if this is because of comfort, lack of training or knowledge, laziness and unwillingness to learn something new, or because working with web apps is truly difficult, but web apps have gotten more and more accessible and usable, and are often much more productive than the mobile version of anything. Take Gmail for example. I can navigate to Gmail, traverse the email list with my arrow keys, press enter on a message, press n to move between messages in the thread and have them read out, press r to reply, press ctrl+enter to send, press c to compose a new message, etc etc. On Twitter, I can use keyboard shortcuts to move between tweets, reply to a tweet, retweet, like, etc. Accomplishing these tasks is often much more efficient than had I chosen to use the mobile version. Yes, this takes learning keyboard shortcuts, and yes, it is different than everything you may have been taught, but to characterize these interfaces as not being accessible I think is wrong and does the community a disservice.


On Thu, Oct 3, 2019 at 10:27 AM Rémy Ruiz <remyruiz@...> wrote:
Hi everybody,

Someone knows a program that integrates Facebook accessible.

I do not wish Use the facebook page for mobiles.

Thank you.




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