Re: NVDA not reading table in MSWord

Quentin Christensen

Oh that's ok - there were several things you ran into there and that
always compounds things! Sometimes just restarting (the app, the
computer, the user) does wonders even when it shouldn't seem to make a

All the best!


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On 22 July 2016 at 18:06, Cearbhall O'Meadhra
<> wrote:

What a magnificent reply! I will keep this nearby for future reference. I
look forward to the full document when it comes out.

Strangely, something has changed! I now find that I can read the offending
table. I spent about four hours yesterday struggling with various ways of
reading the document and getting a full analysis of how the table was

As I reported last night, I found that I was able to read word documents
without any trouble by the end of the evening. Prompted by your request this
morning, I went to the original file attachment, saved it again, unblocked
it and tried the table in both browse and focus modes. I was surprised to
find that now the reading command works fine (control+alt+arrow keys).

The start-up screen is just as you describe, so I will try to remove that as
you instruct.

I apologise for raising an issue that has just evaporated! However, I
welcome the advice which you have given today.

All the best,


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