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Quentin Christensen

If you want to use the different tables in different programs, you can setup configuration profiles for each program and specify the Braille table to use in each program.  Open a program you want to create a profile for, press NVDA+control+p to open the configuration profiles dialog, press ALT+N for new, tab to "Use this profile for" and then right arrow to "Current program" and press ENTER. Now anything you change in NVDA's settings (except the general settings which apply across the board) are saved in that profile.



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Please bear with me for asking a somewhat technical question, which might need to be addressed off-list.


I am working with English and German texts and would like to switch reading them in UEB and German grade II on my Braille display. Is there a toggle that lets me control both languages/tables of contractions? Or do I need to generate and save “profiles” and call them up as needed?


Can such profiles be run side-by-side in two separate windows  on one PC? In my past experience, such a plan did not seem feasible unless I ran two separate MS Word programs installed on different partitions or different PCs.




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