Re: Directing NVDA output to a particular audio device

Tyler Spivey

Control insert s, tab, select your device. Alternatively, NVDA menu, Preferences, Settings, Speech, Change, select it there.

Due to a longstanding bug, selecting anything other than sound mapper may end up with your speech going to somewhere else if you plug in or unplug an audio device, or switch the default.

Another longstanding unfixed bug is that when you switch the output device in NVDA, the beeps generated by NVDA won't switch along with the synth.
Restarting NVDA should fix these when they happen.

On 10/3/2019 4:42 PM, Sile via Groups.Io wrote:
P.s., this used to be an option within the synthesizer selection dialog but it does not appear to be there any more.  I am running NVDA version 2019.1.1 on a windows 10 machine.
On 2019-10-03 7:32 p.m., Sile via Groups.Io wrote:

I know I have seen a thread about this, but I can't recall what the name of the thread is so couldn't find it in the list archive.

I want to be able to set the audio device that NVDA output goes to so that I can separate it from my main headphone output for presentations.


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