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Major +318 for what you've just said.  I would welcome Braille accessibility to get more priority in NVDA in general, grateful for what I have, but speech just gets the best of things, first and often solely.  And some of us (I for one) don't use anything but Braille (not a matter of choice).  To answer the specific question, if configured well, the BrailleExtender addon can display dot-78 on bold or italic or even spelling errors (something I particularly appreciate), but it can't blink.  So I usually set it to represent only one format, multiple formats would be confusing, though I suggested blinking (and different blinking speeds to indicate different formats, as some have provided).  I agree that, in the end, using the "official Braille representation" for bold, italic and so on is interesting. Trouble is: it's Braille table dependent and not always accurate. sNot all Braille table offer such a syntax.  As far as I know, NVDA is still not able to send formatting info to Liblouis for them to be displayed in whatever braille table is being used. Perhaps, one day, hopefully!



On 10/4/2019 2:02 AM, Devin Prater wrote:
I’d much rather have the actual braille symbols for italics, bold, and such used, instead of a generic highlighting effect. After all, formatting logic is in a braille code for a reason, and I would hope that screen readers would take advantage of Liblouis’ ability to show such formatting.

On Oct 3, 2019, at 3:13 PM, Cordelia Scharpf <CScharpf@...> wrote:


You are raising a very important question. I would greatly welcome seeing such characteristics displayed in Braille, which are commonly used in scientific writings for, e.g., book titles that get italicized. The screen readers I have been using to this day use dots 7, 8, or 7+8 or can be made to "blink". I realize that NVDA's original purpose was to make text audible; yet it would be a plus to have such elements also available as a second option--especially for those of us who primarily depend on a Braille display.

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