Re: 2019.2.1 - the treeview reading problem in eclipse persists

Antony Stone

If there is some feature which you would like to be implemented because it is
important for people in their jobs, it might be worth asking employers to
sponsor the development effort needed to work on it.



On Friday 04 October 2019 at 12:13:03, Alexandre Alves Toco wrote:

It is very frustrating to see the time going and this problem is not being
addressed. I imagine that nvaccess has it’s criterias to priorize fixes
and improovements. But, since eclipse is a work and programing learning
tool, I think it should be priorized because it is important to the blind
comunity to empower it self. I don`t know if it is an windows`s issue. But
narrator and jaws read the treeviews correctly...
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