Re: After Latest Stable Upgrade: NVDA does not start at system boot

Sarah k Alawami

Nope. Knock on woodk nvda is rock solid here. But failing all that i just type nvda in the run dialogue and it just works so no hot keys for me.

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On 4 Oct 2019, at 8:40, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hi Group,

I updated NVDA to the latest build 2019.2.1 a few days ago.  I noticed when restarting the system, that NVDA would not start. Thinking that it was a glitch---a one time occurrence, I just started it with the hot key.  It happened again and again I used the hotkey to start NVDA.  I then checked the menu/settings/general and indeed found that the check box to start NVDA at start up was unchecked.  I checked it, restarted the system and now everything is fine.

Did anyone else experience this with the latest build 2019.2.1?

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