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Maybe if you can speak Spanish you will bee interested on a ponence that is going to be on our second meeting with users and developers on the Spanish community. He is going to talk about Reaper for producing music using NVDA. There are some material in Spanish but I think in English you will have more.


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El 4 oct 2019, a las 17:34, azeesh rahman <ajrahman1144@...> escribió:

hi. I am great full for all your previous help regarding my queries. i just wanted to know a softwear which can be used for music production in a simple level. specifically beet making and advanced audio mixing with NVDA accessibility in concern.
for your information:
i am not interested in vying any additional tools or hardwear except my computer as if now.
i want to make music using my own voice and virtual instruments available in the softwear itself. hope iam clear with my concern and awaiting for your valuable responses.

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