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I would certainly invite others with more knowledge to comment, but I am quite sure there is not a one setting way to do this so that you would have access to audio description from all resources. I could not find an answer about accessing the range of networks that offer AD. That included searching on the Audio Description Project. By the way, I will put a link to their ADP site at the bottom of this note.


I do subscribe to Netflix which one can view from a PC. The service is not free. However they do offer a great deal of their programming with description. They were the test case to get AD for such sources and their own programing is described. Additionally, any film that has been described for theatrical release wo;; have the AD Description on their platform. The same is the case for films on disk that they still offer even as Red Box is pulling many of their units.


I am also an Amazon Prime subscriber, something I did for the shipping. They too have a great deal of programming that is described and is easily accessed via PC,

Hope this is of some help. The ACB ADP Project is at :



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Hi list: arlene here: Do any of these screen readers have Audio Discription enabler on each of their settings? These are like Jaws and NVDA?  On the apple computer Audio description is there. You have to enable it. Do the windows computers have that Or do you have to turn it I  at any channel you listen to on the Pc Thanks!


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